Canelo vs Golovkin

Cannello Alvarez v. Gennedy Golocin, which is considered as ambition, is an upcoming professional boxing superfight in competition for an outstanding WBA (Super), WBC, IBF, Ring Magazine and the Lynn Middleweight Championship. Tata will be held in Las Vegas, T-Mobile Arena on September 16, 2017. It will be added to the HBO Pay-Per-View in the United States, at Boxing Box Office in the United Kingdom and in Latin America.

Golovkin looked in recognizably bigger than Canlo, both moving in size and both of them are both Golovkin tall and size fast quickly met by Hero Ntv Max Kellerman. In any case, Golvaskin is now in the middle of the war, and he explicitly issues weight that he will not normally be born for a war. Golovkin felt as if he was between 180. The kenlo had all the earmarks to stay in less than 170.

Canelo vs Golovkin Live I am excited to return to T-Mobile Arena, and fans have been able to arrange best battles in our wars,” says Azanola via “I told more than once that I do not fear anyone, and when I currently point to the GGG, the last finger rings, everyone can not understand this without the Canelo time, and that’s all the best competing I have in boxing.”

Canelo-Golovkin war in Las Vegas organized that warms the rings at the ringside that will bore a talent Canelo. In the New York region, the Fan Base of GoĊ‚orksk is being organized more and more. There are a number of fans in Canberra, Nevada, California and Texas.

This may not be known as why when he is now defeated by the Mevadar. During this time Canelo continuously, he lost to Golvaskin, Jermal Charlotte, Danny Jacobs, Demetrius Andrade, Jerome Charlotte and the Islander Lara. I do not think Canelo can beat those fighters. I do not know whether Canello can kill them without any controversy.

Many supporters have a strong conviction that the Golden Boy is the main inspiration behind featuring Kanelo against GGG on 18 March, due to the current close execution of Kazakhstan fighters against Danny Jacobs. It was a near-war with a 12-round coherent winner Golovkin, the score was 114-113, 115-112 and 115-112. In the fourth round, Jabbak’s Golwakkin Knock Outdown was the difference of the war.

Gennady Golwakkin has no defeat in his boxing career. However, against Canolo Alvez, Mavera v Kanallo match was lost on September 14, 2013 at just 1. And show-time pay-per-view buying was 2,20,000 units. Winner by May Jr MD (117-111, 116-112, 114-114). This lost Canelo Alvarez back in the ring between 8 March, 2014 Canelo Alvarez vs. Alfredo Angulo shows show time and 10 rounds by TKO. There was a second pay-per-view event in Sway, and the purchase rate was 350,000. Los Angeles, Miguel Couto, Aamir Khan, Liam Smith and Julio Cesare Chavez Junior Kelo Win the Ring, Renili and WBC Middleweight won the title by defeating Miguel Cotto on 21st November 2015. After Kaneran Kannan v. Aamir Khan, he was not at the same time. On 18 May 2011, Kanero Alvarez dismissed the title of Wilbur and saved Amir Khan in the war. WBC immediately awarded the title of Gennady Golovkin after he won Liam Smith in the September 17, 2016 and WBO Lightweight Middleweight title. On May 6, 2010, Keanlo Alvarez displayed HBA’s second highest carrier pay-per-view protonnet. That was a wonderful buy rate about 1,200,000 units. After this big victory, Canelo said – Golovkin, next to you, my friend. Is fighting. I was not afraid of anyone, because I had 15 wars as a professional. When I was born, I was afraid. When Golvakkin arrived at the ring, Golwakin said, “I feel very excited, right now, a different story, September, it will be a different style – a big drama show I’m ready. Tonight, Karla and her team’s first congratulations, now I I think everyone is excited for September, Kanola is looking very good tonight, and 100% is the biggest challenge of my career. September Canelo Good luck


Gendaal Golwakin also a big history in boxing career. He did not fight 37 of the total face and lost in his career. Gennady Golovkin only two pay-per-view events facing the two events to buy is not so good. 150,000 rupees per second compared to David Limuxe on July 17, 2013, pay-per-view at Golovkin 1st. And the second pay-per-view March 18, 2017 is 170,000 rupees compared to Daniel Jacobs. Golvkin UD (115-112, 115-112, 114-113) won the last match Golovkin has recorded victories as big as against Daniel Jacobs, Kell Brooke, Dominic Wade, David Lemieux and more against Super Boxing. Long time after the Canelo v Golovkin war will be completed. This fight is the best one in the history of Middleweight division. So Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin is waiting to see live people who know the best fighters of the Middleweight division.

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